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Contianer House BY-CH-1

Contianer House BY-CH-1

Prefabricated Container House Characteristics:

low cost and easy installation flat pack container house  is a revolution from international container house.

1.The container house is movable and portable by crane or forklift.

2. Simple installation, 6 people one team, one day can install more than 8 sets.

3. The steel structures make the house resisting heavy wind of 120km/h and 7 grade earthquakes.

4. The prefabricated container houses have a good performance in water proof solution.

5. Anti worm and ant. All the steel structure is painted and anti-rust which can be normally used for more than 15 years without any building garbage.

6. For better looking, the prefabricated container house can be installed the PVC or PU decoration sheet.

7. Environment materials, it can be assembled and disassembled six times.



Prefabricated Container House Technical Parameters:

-Wind resistance:

Grade 11(wind speed120 km/h)

-Earthquake resistance:

Grade 7

-Snow load capacity of roofing:


-Live load capacity of roofing:


-Wall permitted loading:


-External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient:


-Thickness of the single steel sheet for the wall and roof panel:


-Delivery time:

Normally 20-25 days

-Container loading:

8 sets/1*40HQ