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Fitness Center

Fitness Center

One-stop Service:Designing,Fabrication,and Installation.

Certification: ISO 9001,CE,Lloyd's,SGS,BV.


Steel structure Specification 


1.       Material:  Q235B or Q345B

2.       Certification: CE, BV, SGS, LIoyd’s

3.       Project size:  length: normally from 20 to 300m, width from 10m to 60m; height from 2.5m to 30m eave height.

4.       Spansingle span or multi span

5.       Building Type: Steel Structure steel structural warehouse building, workshop building, Agricultural building (horse/cattle barn, poultry house), high rise steel building, heavy      industrial steel structure buildings, car parking, aircrafts hangersteel structure hanger               

6.       Design: according to customer's requirement or we make a design for our clients       

7.       Quality control : manufacturer with high quality control or use the third party                       

8.       Installation: Our Engineer helps to instruct the installation or we send the Engineer to construction site                     

9.       Guarantee:  The main structure over 35 to 50 years, wall the roof cladding: 15Years.


The structure materials: 

1. Main structure: built up or hot rolled H beam.                     

2. Purlin: galvanized C purlin and Z purlin       

3. Roof cladding: EPS / Rock wool /Fiber glass/PU sandwich panel or corrugated steel sheet

4. Wall cladding: EPS / Rock wool /Fiber glass/PU sandwich panel or corrugated steel sheet

5. Tie rod: circular steel tube                    

6. Wall or roof Brace: round bar or angel steel finish with hot dipped galvanizing or anti rust primer paint                  

7. Column bracing and transverse brace: angle steel or H section steel or steel pipe                    

8. Knee brace: angle steel                         

9. Roof ridge: corrugated steel sheet                       

10. Wrapping cover: color steel sheet                      

11. Roof gutter: color steel sheet, Galvanized steel sheet, Aluminum sheet and stainless steel sheet                

12. Rain spout: PVC pipe                  

13. Doors: sliding sandwich panel doors, rolling shutter door, high speed shutter door or metal doors                         

14. Windows:  PVC window, aluminum window or curtain glass wall                    

15. Connections: high strength bolts     

16. Surface finishing: hot dipped galvanizing or anti rust primer coating.


Packing: It will be packed into carton or bundled for the big beam and column will leave it as it is. Or packed the parts to the big pallet and push into the containers.


Our Advantages on Steel Structure:

1.       Experienced in Steel Structure Industry:

Our products have been export to over 50 countries. Such as Qatar, Russian, American, South American, Japan, Korea, Australian, French, Middle east, South African, India, Brazil, other Africa countries and so on.


2. Equipment and Professional Production Line:

Such as six production lines of   H Beam welding machine. four cutting lines, two production lines of C/Z purlin, and Three sand blasting machines, 2 CNC plane drilling machines, 3 line of sandwich panel machines and over 25 type of corrugated steel sheet machines. Our production capacity is about 60,000tons steel structure per year.

10,000 tons of C and Z section steel, 1.2 million square meter sandwich panel, 8,000 ton of corrugated steel sheet and per year. Our quality control team has strictly worked according to our Inspection Test Processing to insure the quality.


3. Steel Structure Products:

Our products steel structural warehouse building, workshop building, Agricultural building (horse/cattle barn, poultry house), high rise steel building, heavy industrial steel structure buildings, car parking, aircrafts hangersteel structure hanger,  school, office building, prefab house, container house, truss roof warehouses, Sandwich panel, corrugated steel sheet, C&Z section steel purlins. We can also supply different kind of doors and windows, cranes which is related to project.


4. Design and Management Ability:

We engineers they are familiar with the all kinds of steel structure design and all the detailed drawings.  Our engineer team is a very experienced and efficient team. They understand customer’s requirements and giving the accurately design to save the client’s time.


5. Quality control:

We can offer best services and after sale services with reliable quality products. We have a strict QC team to make the on line inspection to ensure the quality. Meanwhile,

Our products has been passed the test and inspection from third party SGS, LIoyd's and BV.


6. We provide professional installation team and we also can send our engineer in installation guidance service.


Information required for Design:

1. Building area: Length mm x width mm x eave height mm ? Please advise?

2. Wind speed (Km/h)and snow load (kg/m2)in local area?

3. Roof and wall material: do you have any special requirements on roof and wall panel.

We have galvanized corrugated steel sheet, preprinted corrugated steel sheet, and Sandwich panels like EPS sandwich panel, Fiber glass sandwich panel, Rockwool sandwich panelPU sandwich panel, the thickness is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, The steel sheet for top and bottom sheet is from 0.3-0.7mm. Please let me know what kind will be satisfied for you?

4. Windows and doors: do you have any special requirements on Windows and doors 'material and size?

5. Do you want the skylight on the roof?  What material would you want?

6. Do you need the ventilator for the warehouse?

7. Crane (if have),Crane span, crane lift height, max lift capacity, max wheel pressure and min wheel pressure!

8. Steel structure finishing: do you want primer coating (paint, what kind of paint or just normal brand?) or hot dip galvanized?

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